Jeremiah Stanley is a commercial and editorial photographer based in Dallas, Texas. He enjoys kayaking with his 10-year-old daughter and the Texas Two-Step. His portraiture recently won an American Photography 30 award and a PDN World in Focus award. He was also selected to be a part of Eddie Adams Workshop XXV. If he wasn’t a photographer, he would be a competitive barbecue pit-master (seriously though, you should try his brisket!). Please contact him directly to begin the collaboration on your next project!

I’ll always say “yes” to:                                 I’ll always say “no” to:

A home-cooked meal                                            Fast Food

Back roads                                                                Mosquitoes

The Texas two-step                                                Grumpy People

Deep Ellum IPA                                                     Lima Beans

Happy People                                                           I-95

Meredith (My wife)                                                   Double Doors when one is locked

Mountain Backpacking                                          Headaches

Smoked Brisket                                                       Disorganization

Palm trees                                                                 Traffic